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Five Mind Numbing Facts About Valuation

And ideas these days if for me actually if we go back to the star to f it actually what I first start investing I realized that people look at property on an emotional basis and an emotional get killed by making a business decision and I, in turn, looking back sort of business plan for my own property investing so I’ll look the people that were successful in business and took from them advice on how they treat their business and you think the property is a product of the business of.

what I’m sitting at to achieve so so when you actually interviewing the people or were you reading that books or just reading articles about them just saw they compose was often TV I never read books but right now I can’t read it out a little bit I can yeah but uh with you know you at the time like in the early s like Gerry Harvey brooch prints and all those sorts of guys you know there are things I did in business which he leaves a trail behind that you can actually go okay how can.

I adapt this listen to my lifestyle and you know my plans so well people don’t realize that just their own family and their own family budgets is a business and as he treat that is a lot of people recognize it’s too tough to do it now is easy to your day and the rest of it and they said the same thing to me like a decade before yeah but the amount of information the amount of inspiration your man of TV shows like this and internet shows it’s like if people really got any excuse at all for not taking any action I’ve heard the same per se garbage that is out there today that I heard ten years ago and I heard before hand you know I’ve recently picked up an article that was.

The Reasons Why We Love Valuation

Kingsley I agree. Well, it comes down to that point, doesn’t it? It’s like if we’re looking at very selective markets in these Sydney markets, those two or three suburbs make good sense to me as well. So there’s Bryce’s smoky as well.Bryce Foldaway There you go folks. Well, there you have it. There are our around-the-grounds for Property Outlook in . Of course Ben and I are the co-host of The Property Couch.So if you’re interested in getting the insider’s guide to property investing.

Feel free Togo The and we’ve got almost a year up in on The Property Coach. So there are about odd episodes there that you can go and check out and our tip for you if you’re interested in learning some information is start from episode number one.Ben Kingsley Yeah, listen to one episode that might get your attention. If you like the content, then go back to episode one.

And look, we can’t go past without – obviously with Bryce Hold-away Product placement. Did anyone notice that? Ben Kingsley Did you get that? Bryce Hold away Ben and I really were really proud in . We wrote our first book together on the armchair’s guide hits the props.Ben Kingsley Yeah.Bryce Hold away To property investing, how to retire in per week and we talk about some principles and some frameworks that you can overlay to build your portfolio and I think the exciting part about it, there are five case studies.Ben Kingsley Yeah.Bryce Foldaway And in those case studies, we’re not talking about being a weekend renovator.

We’re not talking about Valuations QLD buying properties in five minutes. We’re talking about conservatively building a portfolio and set up a future for them.Ben Kingsley Yeah. For me I think it’s the start to finish book in terms of if Was just starting out, I’ve got some good content about mindset, money management. Bursitis also for the more advanced player. There are some good, strategic location area research and property type research in there as well.

The Modern Rules Of Valuation Brisbane

You know buy something that’s hideously overvalued that doesn’t have a yield to support its value and something that you know I guess has a universal long-term appeal so just wanted to quickly I guess talk through that today have that discussion people have found this interesting and I really appreciate you tuning in thanks very much thanks for listening to today’s episode please.

subscribe to the podcast if you’ve enjoyed the show I’d really appreciate it if you could leave review on iTunes and recommend the show to any friends that you think might benefit thanks again for listening and we hope to see you back soon welcome to the Australian property podcast helping you achieve success in property featuring your host Jonathan Preston hi guys thanks very much for tuning.

Back into the podcast Brisbane Property Valuers in today’s episode I’m going to discuss valuations in Melbourne and why the current lending market looks like particularly for non-residents alright let’s get started alright so one of the key themes that were seeing at the moment is valuations coming in low in Melbourne so that’s particularly being an issue in the new apartment space and we’re basically seeing a lot of them come in sort office ten percent under what the contract value was now this does present some challenges.

Because often you would just go to another lender get another valuation and then you’d better sort of move on and happy days but a lot of these are in the high density areas so we’re talking south bank we’re talking Docklands we’re.

9 Ways property valuation Can Make You Invincible

at eight you but this is a great how such you come up with the price we talk a little bit about that but I’d ask about showing activity in the with for me that I’m twenty-fifth day just to come through and only to buyers have actually come through in the fires the investigators makes you know but that such an interesting pointing you so funny because there’s really only three types of buyers unique you know.

if I could I’d like to share with you guys three types oversimplify the the first wonder what we call motivated in a hurry he’s a good guy they’re coming into town they got hours to buy a house they’re gonna by today and you know what those buyers you the first time it is a Colorado state and that real estate agent setup showing need it ready cuss they’re coming into town a lot of times beach coordinates the flights and unfortunate Bob most times for sale by owners don’t make that showing West because what you may.

3not understand it stop in my last summer the Multiple Listing Service that we years back guarantee is that we actually get paid in that were cooperating with another agent I mean if it’s ours not even motivated enough to you list the house with an agent are they really going to be motivated enough to work with my motivate din a hurry buyer so that’s probably the best expire and also the one you’re not going to get as a For Sale By Owners then the you know the second paper by is it that someday buyers to undergo.

looking for the right deal and I’m sure those are the ones you you’ve probably and what they what you’re looking for the same thing you are they want to save that exacting Commission Sydney Property Valuation you are so soon as they come to the house from a look at all the compare bill sales they’re going to discount the price your house by you know percent whatever they.