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The TCPA’s Putting Planning First initiative was launched in December 2002 to establish better integration, a higher status and a more positive image for planning in central and local government. The campaign is premised on the belief that planning in the public service has become downgraded, over-bureaucratised, divorced from the obligation to deliver positive sustainable development outcomes such as good homes, jobs and communities. The Association believes also that planning is too often misrepresented as only a negative regulatory activity involving the obscure science of development control.

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The Paper generated an unprecedented response and induced widespread debate from a whole spectrum of individuals and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors, amongst other things on the purpose of planning. Affordable Home Buyer’s Advocate On 18 July 2002, the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, responded with a statement that abandoned some of the more contentious proposals in the Green Paper, but which promised to press ahead with others.

The TCPA was disappointed over a number of issues, but in particular that the Deputy Prime Minister remained unconvinced about any form of Third Party rights of appeal, and was still unable to find a way of improving the planning gain system. The Association was also disappointed that planning was still accused of harming business and the national economy no evidence existed to substantiate the claim and that the ability to obtain Outline planning permission was still under threat.

There is an explanatory memorandum, and advice for local planning authorities on the practical implications of the Bill. Taken as a set, the Bill and its companion papers retain the welcome commitments made in the July statement. However, some daft ideas remain and there are still important omissions. A tangle is being made, too, over the planning role proposed for County Councils. On these matters the TCPA is urging MPs to help polish the Bill as it progresses through Parliament.

The content of the Bill is analysed here, and the TCPA highlights areas where MPs are asked to press for amendment. The debate on the purpose of planning answering the question what is it all for? – has been met in the Bill with the provision of a new duty to have regard to achieving sustainable development. Whilst this clause is welcome, the meaning of sustainable development is not made clear. Moreover, the TCPA believes such a clause should actively promote a positive approach to planning.