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Applications for funding of $500 or less can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed within three weeks of being received. WHITEHORSE – A new chair has been appointed for the Yukon Hospital Corporation Board of Directors, Health and Social Services Minister Sue Edelman has announced today. The new chair, Marny Ryder of Whitehorse, is no stranger to the hospital or the medical community.

I value Marny’s years of Yukon experience and know her expertise will enhance our efforts to recruit and keep health professionals in the community, WHITEHORSE – Yukon students heading outside the territory for post-secondary education should let the Yukon Health Care Insurance know where they are going and update their immunizations, particularly against meningitis. We’re using a playful way to remind them of some serious steps they need to take when they’re leaving the territory, Print and radio ads are running locally reminding students that along with packing their favorite pillow, and making sure Dad buys their phone cards, they should let the Yukon Health Care Insurance program know when they are leaving the territory and in what province they will be residing.

This will ensure that their health care coverage continues even though they are not in the Yukon for a period of time. If they let us know, then we can make sure their coverage continues without a hitch, just in case something happens and they need it, If we don’t know and for some reason we don’t have an address for them, they could find themselves without health care coverage, simply because we don’t know where they are. Read more: TDS Nationwide

The ad campaign, which also reminds students to take favorite recipes and CDs, suggests that students ensure they have a current vaccination against meningitis. Meningitis is one of those contagious diseases that seems to pop up every now and again among young people, There are very good vaccinations that will protect against it so we encourage students to take that precaution. Larke also says, however, that this shot is needed only once every five years. If you’re heading out to university or college, you have enough on your mind to think about. We just want to remind you of two more things that will provide some health safety, WHITEHORSE – Environment Yukon’s bear safety booklet for kids has been updated with four new illustrations by Yukon Artist Chris Caldwell.