The Modern Rules Of Valuation Brisbane

You know buy something that’s hideously overvalued that doesn’t have a yield to support its value and something that you know I guess has a universal long-term appeal so just wanted to quickly I guess talk through that today have that discussion people have found this interesting and I really appreciate you tuning in thanks very much thanks for listening to today’s episode please.

subscribe to the podcast if you’ve enjoyed the show I’d really appreciate it if you could leave review on iTunes and recommend the show to any friends that you think might benefit thanks again for listening and we hope to see you back soon welcome to the Australian property podcast helping you achieve success in property featuring your host Jonathan Preston hi guys thanks very much for tuning.

Back into the podcast Brisbane Property Valuers in today’s episode I’m going to discuss valuations in Melbourne and why the current lending market looks like particularly for non-residents alright let’s get started alright so one of the key themes that were seeing at the moment is valuations coming in low in Melbourne so that’s particularly being an issue in the new apartment space and we’re basically seeing a lot of them come in sort office ten percent under what the contract value was now this does present some challenges.

Because often you would just go to another lender get another valuation and then you’d better sort of move on and happy days but a lot of these are in the high density areas so we’re talking south bank we’re talking Docklands we’re.

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