The Reasons Why We Love Valuation

Kingsley I agree. Well, it comes down to that point, doesn’t it? It’s like if we’re looking at very selective markets in these Sydney markets, those two or three suburbs make good sense to me as well. So there’s Bryce’s smoky as well.Bryce Foldaway There you go folks. Well, there you have it. There are our around-the-grounds for Property Outlook in . Of course Ben and I are the co-host of The Property Couch.So if you’re interested in getting the insider’s guide to property investing.

Feel free Togo The and we’ve got almost a year up in on The Property Coach. So there are about odd episodes there that you can go and check out and our tip for you if you’re interested in learning some information is start from episode number one.Ben Kingsley Yeah, listen to one episode that might get your attention. If you like the content, then go back to episode one.

And look, we can’t go past without – obviously with Bryce Hold-away Product placement. Did anyone notice that? Ben Kingsley Did you get that? Bryce Hold away Ben and I really were really proud in . We wrote our first book together on the armchair’s guide hits the props.Ben Kingsley Yeah.Bryce Hold away To property investing, how to retire in per week and we talk about some principles and some frameworks that you can overlay to build your portfolio and I think the exciting part about it, there are five case studies.Ben Kingsley Yeah.Bryce Foldaway And in those case studies, we’re not talking about being a weekend renovator.

We’re not talking about Valuations QLD buying properties in five minutes. We’re talking about conservatively building a portfolio and set up a future for them.Ben Kingsley Yeah. For me I think it’s the start to finish book in terms of if Was just starting out, I’ve got some good content about mindset, money management. Bursitis also for the more advanced player. There are some good, strategic location area research and property type research in there as well. for more details visit

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